Beeing a Beekeeper

“The bees have a secret, but they are not telling us.  Whatever it is they are not telling us.”

–Peter Loring Borst

Peter Loring Borst

Sometimes photos do a better job at telling a story than words.  I’m often a wordy person, but here I think that that may be the case.

A brief background: This past Saturday, before heading out to Grassroots I headed out to Danby to meet up with Peter Borst, who had put out a notice over the listserve that he would be doing a simulated swarm for a film maker who was coming to town from Rochester.  Intrigued, I went out only to find one other beekeeper from the club there with Peter, the lead film maker and her assistant.  She proceeded to film an interview while I ran around taking photos and helping out where I could.  It was a beautiful day and another great experience.  Have I mentioned that I love being a beekeeper?!  Ask questions, leave comments and forever be curious about the world around us.

The camera crew from Rochester.


“The Giver”

The bees really are quite calm; no need to fear the bees.

I bet this felt really cool.

What. a. moment.

A man with his bees.

They had a particular affinity for Peter’s head. The queen was in a cage by his neck so I expected them to cluster there.

No cotton balls, no goggles, just pure bees.

River of bees returning home. I presume happily.

Throughout the whole process, in t-shirt shorts and no veil I got only a few stings, but one good one in the lip. Worth a sting or two!

Let me know if you have any questions about what we did and stay tuned for posts about the installation exhibit that this will be a part of.

Bzzzz….. !

–Max  : )


About achoo240

I am a recent college graduate from Cornell University with a BA in Biology, with a concentration in Biochemistry. I currently work in a research lab at Cornell studying forest ecology and biogeochemistry and also work with a local beekeeper learning the ins and outs of true beekeeping, doing everything from managing hives to packaging, delivering and selling honey, candles and other bee products. I love it!
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